1. Jackets, more than mere clothes, they are often an expression of who we are as men. From the top: a military denim jacket available for US$54.43 at dhgate.com (not a bad price); a Paul Smith velvet blazer in fushia; and, an American punk jacket for the ‘art’ exhibition ‘Wild To Wear’ (real Punks would not put Police insignia on their jackets - I still like it though).

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  3. Massimo Ferrari black tipped lavender patina wholecut side-laced oxfords - made-to-measure for around $500 Australian, and cheap at double the price.

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    Miharayasuhiro S/S 2015 Menswear

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    #WatchCrushWednesday The Cartier Mystery Watch with floating hands. Amazing piece of artistry and science for the dapper gent.

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  6. Zonkey Boot Croc embossed Jodhpurs, just 480 bucks to show off the reptile in you.

  7. Patina perfection - Paulus Bolten ‘Fire’ patina chelsea boots, photographed in his studio.

  8. Quark - Bar owner, legendary trader, one hell of a snappy dresser, and role model for Capitalists and aspiring Capitalists throughout the Universe (ruined his first competitor at just 14 years old!). What a guy.

  9. Meermin dark burgundy shell cordovan wingtip boots as worn by Top Gear’s Mr James May. You know, the James May that drove a Bugatti Veyron to a world record of 437kph; that went into space in a U2 spy-plane; that built a house out of Lego! The James May that pretends he knows nothing about ‘style’ or ‘fashion’, but frequently wears the very best in boots and shoes.

  10. Bright, cheerful, optimistic - start the day right with Nicholas Kirkwood’s derbys in metallic blues.