1. Le Scarpe de Lusso studded wingtip oxford in a rather bold red. DandyPunk Approved!

  2. Bettanin & Venturi blood-orange oxford, yes much more Dandy than DandyPunk but still a whole lot more stylish than black or brown.

  3. Cohibas of Portugal’s triple-tone monks - a bright casual start to spring.

  4. The gents at New Rock have surpassed themselves with their latest creation. An oxford ooozzziing DandyPunk style with deep burgundy snake-skin pattern wingtip and heel-cap; black embossed vamp; and, pierced metallic brick facing. Brilliant! And all for a mere $279 Australian. (Why that’s only $325 Singapore, HK$2,000 or 8,300 Baht.)

  5. Subtle, demur, discreet. That’s what most people want in footware. That’s not what Jeffery West supplies. It’s been suggested that his ‘Muse’ patent-leather neon blue Chelsea boots are about as subtle as a randy bull elephant. All we can say is that wearing them is sure to give a man a certain piratical swagger.

  6. Scandinavian style - Henrik Vibskov’s red/black/white jacket.

  7. gentlementools:

    GentlemenTools all the way

    A fine selection of the necessary accoutrements.

  8. Christian Louboutin evening shoes. Yes, yes, they’re a little over-the-top. But when you’re attending the opening night of the ballet, or the opera, and black evening suit is de riguer, what else can you wear to show your style and stand out from the other penguins?

  9. Damy antique chestnut ankle boot, with a zip at the back - quite unusual. And at 362 Euro suitable for Dandys, Punks, and DandyPunks.

  10. Bufori began producing their hand made vintage-style cars in Australia in the early 1980’s. Later moving to Malaysia to take advantage of that countries far lower wages, taxes and the very different culture. For in Malaysia owning a hand-built car means your ‘somebody’, ‘somebody special’, part of the ‘elite’. In Australia owning a hand-built car just means you’ve got a nice car. Still, in their own niche they are interesting, stylish cars.