1. Fiction writers have given us Dr Jekyll, Dr Frankenstein, Dr Evil, Dr Who, Dr Watson, and Dr Caligari. But the doctor we like best is Dr. Martens. And his new ‘Made In England’ Paisley silk and metalic cherry red wingtip derby boots show why. At 360 pound they’ll stretch the budget. But, as Oscar Wilde once said only dull people live within their means.

  2. Our style of backpack.

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  3. Aurelio Garcia green suede studded derby - casual punk.

  4. theimpeccablydressedmrbwooster:


    1928 - Running on the LeCoultre 17JSSCCRVQ Calibre, this watch is one of the rarest and most prestigious in the history of fine watchmaking. Its skeletonised dial and its sapphire back reveal a mechanism offering a minute repeater, a fly-back chronograph and a perpetual calendar


  5. Utterly manly, Officine Creative burnished brown leather ankle boots. $760 from fine booteries.

  6. When only the best will do - Paul Parkman navy, oak, and bordeaux wingtip brogue oxfords.

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    Edward Green Jodphurs.

    Elegant, with a capital E.

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    Montezemolo trench life.

    Quite Dandy.

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  9. Blue patina oxfords with ripe cherry accents from Mr Landry Lacour. Exceptional shoes for exceptional gentlemen.

  10. Floris Bommel group of snake skin print derbys and a chelsea boots - ssssstylish.