1. "Perfection," said Mies van der Rohe, "is in the details." Venenare applies this axiom to patina shoes unfailingly. Their sapphire patina wholecut oxfords are a case in point. Note the turquoise blue tongue. A small detail - that others wouldn’t bother with - but which adds a lively refinement much as a pocket square adds to a blazer. Of such details is civilisation upheld.

  2. Treccani of Milan bordeaux and beige spectators - simply superb.

  5. Paul Parkman dark navy and red wingtip brogues. Proving that there’s no substitute for quality.

  6. Louis Leeman Loafers - not camouflage, they’re glamourflage!

  7. Melvin and Hamilton’s iconic ‘60’s style red calf hair Chelsea boots. Get some serious mojo for just Euro 169.90.

  8. Septieme Largeur black grape patina wholecut oxfords. Who could resist?

  9. Aaahhhh, Alexander McQueen, so good of you to make a jacket just for us DandyPunks. A textured blend of fine wool and silk no less. And those skulls. Clever. You knew we’d like those, didn’t you? Errr, have to say, not enamoured with the price - 1,650 Euro is a bit rich. But hey, keep it in stock and we’ll save up. Thanks.

  10. Dazzle the daylights out of everyone you meet just by wearing your Baker Turquoise blue suede brogue oxfords. That’ll wake ‘em up.