1. Leeder Shoes wholecut oxford, with cuppaccino and cream patina by Paulus Bolten. Sumptuous style.

  2. A DandyPunk is: a man comfortable in himself; easygoing, yet strong and resolute; modern, casually elegant, and individually stylish. The sort of man to whom the virtuosity of Maftei button up Balmoral boots would appeal.  

  3. What are shoes and boots without socks? (Yes, we eschew the current fashion of going sock-less.) And what fine socks Scandinavian Henrik Vibskov makes. Fun, distinctive socks, and not too pricey.

  4. 'Style' can be as easy as adding a pocket square, especially when it’s a Rubinacci of Naples ‘Sirens’ pocket square.

  5. Maison Martin Margiela two-tone sunglasses - for the antique avant-garde look.

  6. Yohei Fukuda bespoke patina slip ons, and a not dis-similar patina on an American 1950’s car. We love patina.

  7. Nothing says ‘Winter wear’ as much as tweed. What better to keep our feet, and our spirits, warm than a pair of D Square 2 black calf and tweed brogue boots.

  8. New Rock’s flame double monks - flamin’ fabulous.

  9. Rather flash red and black Wellington boots made in Northhampton, UK in 1860.

  10. "When trumpets were mellow; And every gal only had one fellow; No need to remember when; ‘Cause everything old is new again." These Cobbler-Union brown and white spectators may be old style, but the price is new - they’re yours for US$425.