1. Light olive oxford from Japanese atelier Tye Bespoke. Subtle sumptuousness.

  2. Call ‘em coarse, garish, rustic, bohemian even - but these stitched and studded and distressed, rose-embossed boots from We Are The Original are sure to turn heads.

  3. What Mozart is to music. What Einstein is to physics. Saint Cripins are to the art of shoe making. The pair of bi-colour longwing ‘Wedding’ oxfords above is but a small example.

  4. Malachite green patina balmoral boots from Dandy Shoe Care. Such fine work Alexander does. Beautiful, yet manly.

  5. tommiparre:




  6. Not enough men wear red shoes. Christian Peau is helping to overcome this sad state of affairs with his red Python derbys with tonal laces and soles. They’re made in Japan and are available for us$765. A small price to pay for the positive, enlivening effect it will have on yourself and those around you.  

  7. Damn flash these. Oxfords the way we like them. But who made them? If you know, drop us a line please. We’d love to put more of this persons work here.

  8. Edward Green ‘Westminster’ grey suede double monks - understated elegance that will still set you apart from the hoi polloi.

  9. Like liquid Sapphire - Dior’s blue patent leather and canvas oxford.  

  10. Every guy at some stage wants a camo’ blazer. And why not. This one is in heavy duty cotton from Italian brand Department 5. Actually, when I see someone wearing camo’ gear in the street I deliberately bump into them, then say “Sorry, I didn’t see you.”